Through a three-phase format, we support executives to overcome corporate challenges and/or pursue urgent business goals and opportunities:

  1. Analysis

  2. Development

  3. Execution

Insurance executives and senior managers with at least 10 years of experience, but is also appropriate for a broader audience who wish to gain insight into the executive aspects of insurance. The seminars are targeted at an intermediate to expert level and assume a robust understanding of insurance company management.


  • Strategy & Business Development and Execution

  • Product & Service and Distribution Channel Development

  • Risk, Solvency and Capital Management

  • Operational Excellence

  • Talent Development


Fit for insurance leadership


Through this program, we provide consulting and coaching services to insurance company executives within their corporate roles and responsibilities. The main focus is strategy & business development, and execution.

  • Strengthen the ability to perform gap analyses of business strategy

  • Discuss business development in light of current industry trends

  • Improve distribution channels, develop new products

  • Acquire best-practice tools of operational efficiency

  • Implement or revamp talent development programs in the organization

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