16-hr, intermediate level

Business Development & Innovation

Introduction to customer centricity | strengthening traditional business models in insurance | analyzing the customer-product-distribution gap | improving the product development and innovation process | using digitalization to enhance premium revenue | looking at success stories and best-practice product development and innovation | analyzing insurTech startups

8-hr, intermediate level

Introduction to Economic Capital

Cash flow solvency | risk-based capital | stochastic modeling | internal models | model validation | regulatory capital paradigms, including Solvency II, Swiss Solvency Test, and other risk-based approaches

8-hr, intermediate level

Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

Drives of change and the development of ERM | the ERM process | planning and designing an ERM system | implementing and benchmarking an ERM system | measuring and monitoring | learning and reporting

8-hr, introductory level

Introduction to Reinsurance (non-life / life)

Reinsurance in general | proportional reinsurance types | non-proportional reinsurance | interplay between different types of reinsurance | features of life and non-life reinsurance

16-hr, introductory level

Life Insurance Actuarial Mathematics I

Interest theory | The mortality table | The classical model and commutation functions | Discounted value of cash flows | Single and annual premiums | Expense-augmented premiums | Reserves and cash values

16-hr, intermediate level

Life Insurance Actuarial Mathematics II

Substandard risks and risk loadings | Joint-life insurance | Disability insurance: technical background | Disability insurance coverages | Introduction to financial reporting

8-hr, intermediate level

Life & Health Products Underwriting

Underwriting life insurance | financial aspects in life insurance | medical underwriting | occupational risk | sports and hobbies | residence and travel risk

16-hr., intermediate level

Life Reinsurance

Proportional reinsurance for individual and group contracts | Non-proportional reinsurance | Financial reinsurance | Advantages and disadvantages of surplus reinsurance | Services commonly offered by full-service reinsurers

8-hr, expert level

Modeling Embedded Options & Guarantees

Equity-linked insurance products and options | modeling long-term stock returns | the actuarial approach to modeling | option pricing theory and dynamic hedging | emerging cost analyses

8-hr, intermediate level

Optimizing Reinsurance Retentions

Review of types and forms of reinsurance | review of aggregate loss distributions with coverage modifications | elements of reinsurance pricing and exposure rating | defining global reinsurance retentions | selected reinsurance applications

8-hr, introductory level

Product Design & Development

The product development cycle | key elements in product design & development | pricing strategy | profit measurement and analysis | profit optimization | product trends

8-hr, intermediate level

Solvency II for Actuaries

Modeling economic capital | building and validating an economic capital model | modeling market risk | scenario models | EIOPA's risk modules | general insurance risk modeling | modeling dependencies through copulas | risk aggregation

4-hr, introductory level

Solvency II for Senior Managers

Global trends in regulatory solvency capital paradigms | Factor-based vs. risk-based models | Strategic and operational impact of Solvency II

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To request brochures of any of the courses below, please contact us

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