Learning Objectives

This program is intended for those individuals with fewer than five years in the insurance industry, who want to learn about the technical aspects of supporting functions, such as actuarial, underwriting, reserve valuation, and other technical subjects. Courses are offered online, but on a live-broadcast basis. See our current courses

  • Understand and apply the principles of actuarial and insurance best-practice techniques in the pricing, underwriting and valuation of insurance risks

  • Complement formal education with practical applications in order to enhance job performance

Insurance professionals, analysts, risk managers, and regulators, but is also appropriate for a broader audience who wish to gain insight into the technical aspects of insurance. The courses are targeted at an introductory to intermediate level and assume an understanding of insurance business lines.

We review life, health, and general insurance basics, and introduce actuarial techniques, ranging from pricing and reserving, to stochastic modeling, generalized linear models, estimation of unpaid claims in general insurance, and other technical subjects.


Fit for insurance technique


This knowledge transfer offer is made up e-learning courses, which feature live broadcasts, to motivate student-teacher interaction.

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